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Erick Van Houtte’s blog is moving to


I have worked to clean-up and better structure my website (  This structuring is enabling me to align the blog that has a “WordPress” address to be integrated with my website.  The look and feel of the website is still different from the blog (and still in process of being refined…I am testing different themes).  The new blog is actually still running an WordPress, but drops the address.

You can now access my blog at the following address:

If you are currently subscribed, I kindly ask you to re-subscribe at the new address.  I will keep both going for a while…a few months, but plan on shutting down the blog at the “WordPress” address in July.

I’d love to hear your comments on the “Themes” you like and recommend.  The current theme is cool, but dark.  I like lite and slick, but need to find one that has the features and functions I need.  This current theme does.  This weekend I will explore how to change the colors.

Thank you for your understanding.


To be explicit:

– current blog URL is:

– new blog URL is:


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