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Think and Act within Context for …


I’m not busy enough:

  • a 4-year old and a 30-month old
  • a more than busy job
  • after one year on assignment in France, planning the return home(and then some)
  • translating a book (the Van Houtte Family story)
  • start a French-speaking community for our children in Westford, MA – back home (see the Molière à Westford category).

So why not start something else?  What?  Another community, another blog!

This time, it is a little more professional.  I have my strengths and my weaknesses.


  • Help Management (I’ll get to that later)
  • Enable others to succeed (yes, quite particular, but enough people have told me so)
  • Management Reporting for analysis….for decision making.  Thus my tag line, which I have used for as long as most people know me (Think and Act within Context for … Effective Decision MakingEfficient OperationsSimplified Technology, Organization and Process)


  • more than many, less than some

Well then, what about this new blog (which is more of a category for now; if enough people are interested, I’ll create a new dedicated blog).

Here is what this is about:

  • The use of methods, office productivity tools and expertise to help Think and Act within Context.
  • When looking for information on the Internet, the answer is either lost in virtual space, is too technical, is on the site of a consultant wanting to sell their services, on an unknown blog you must join, or not precise enough
  • Provide a source for Executives and Managers, Teams or Individuals for … Effective Decision MakingEfficient OperationsSimplified Technology, Organization and Process.
  • How to best use tools such as MS Office, Dropbox or SugarSync, OneNote or EverNote, Hotmail and SkyDrive or iCloud, Outlook or public webmail (gmail,, etc) or private webmail, on Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, on the cloud (or not), hosted website vs a blog, etc – or all of the above together.

I’m a non-technical Power User of the technologies and constantly look for means to improve my effectiveness and efficiency.  When I want to do something specific, I quickly discover I have to figure it out on my own or with my trusted network of experts.

Consequently, I want to provide this source of knowledge so that other people like me (us) can also benefit.  Technical people are welcome, but this is not to provide technical expertise, there are plenty of sources for this.

This subject is now launched.  Let’s see where we can go from here.

If you want to follow this, just comment.

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