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Progress on translation of Van Houtte Family story with new method


I’ve had a few interesting discussions about my approach for the translation of the Van Houtte Family story, mostly about if this approach would be more effective overall.  In the end, it may prove that there is not much of a difference, but for one thing:  feeling of advancement.

There is no  doubt in my mind:  until this weekend, I had translated some 2,000 words (from the French).  This weekend, I translated almost 1,900.  Granted, I’ll have more reviewing to do, but I also believe this will be the case for the first set of translation.

Bottom line, I am much more encouraged as I now see the words and paragraphs accelerate in translation.  This feeling is worth quite a bit.  Once I have my raw translation, I will enter a new mode and mind set.  Also, I’ll be able to share the draft with others to dig deeper into the content, from all angles.

Out of a total of approximately 61,000 French words, I now have 7%.  If I maintain  the pace of this weekend (which is probably about three to four hours (say 4), I’ll need about 100 to 120 hours, or 35-40 days at that pace.  So at 3-4 hours a week, that a will be about nine (9) months.  I suspect I’ll improve my translating abilities (not because I’ll be better in one language or the other, but because I’ll be more comfortable and have better rhythm.  This means expect to see the raw material ready for the end of 2012.  I’m going to try for September or October, by counting on improved efficiency and ability.

Planning for Publishing and Distribution

In parallel (part of my time for this project), I have been reading up on blogging (go figure just by this blog) and ePub.  This is all clearer to me now, and will require time to set up my actual plan for publishing and distributing the book.  Since I will not be going through a traditional publisher/editor, I will considered as an ‘indie‘ author.  This is more and more popular.  So extra research still required to do this well.  Such as:  Amazon or Smashwords (or both, but how), get an ISDN number, copyright, etc.  If any of you are ‘indie,’ let me know, I’d love to share experiences.

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One Comment
  1. Helene Van Houtte permalink

    I’m not an “indie” so I can’t help you there, I can only encourage you to continue on as I certainly look forward to reading the translation of the book.

    Keep going Bro!

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